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man and woman walking their dog - Better recovery
If there was something free you could do to alleviate fatigue, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, and make you feel more in control of your wellness, would you do it? Yep, we’re going into the “exercise is good for you!”...
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woman using a light box for SAD light therapy
When you feel more down or blue during the winter, it’s quite possible you’re experiencing the aptly-named SAD: seasonal affective disorder. Even in Southern Arizona, where Cottonwood Tucson is located, many people struggle in winter due to shorter daylight hours,...
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pretty brunette woman with long hair sitting on a couch holding her arms in a questioning gesture - resolutions or goals
New Year’s: Resolutions or Goals? It’s the time of year when starting anew and releasing what no longer serves you is a popular topic. What’s truly better, though: setting New Year’s resolutions or establishing a series of goals without that...
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wooden cutting board with bright orange freshly cut winter squash - superfoods
Winter is often a time when nature reminds us to enjoy the quiet and prepare a foundation of rebirth. Few things do this as well as choosing wholesome, nourishing foods that warm the soul, soothe the immune system, and give...
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woman in a dress outside with pink clouds in the sky - pink cloud syndrome
After months or even years of scuffling with mental and emotional health, it’s no wonder that when proper treatment shows promise, you feel on top of the world. However, there’s a difference between a hopeful outlook for the future and...
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digital illustration of support group - diverse people in chairs in a circle - support role
Being a Support Role for a Loved One When someone you love has unmanaged mental health problems, it may seem at times that the emotional rollercoaster is too much to bear. You ebb from worry and helplessness to frustration and...
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woman and her young daughter sitting on couch meditating at home - meditate
As you learn about new techniques for managing mental health and emotional issues, meditation might be one mentioned most frequently. But what purpose does it serve, and can it really help you? Let’s look at the science behind it and...
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cropped shot of women's hands putting ornaments on a holiday tree - drama-free holiday season
Okay, if we’re honest, it’s possible that “drama-free” and “holiday season” are simply two ideas that don’t go together! All the proverbial hustle and bustle, traveling, and splitting time between places are common. But lingering aspects of the pandemic, as...
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man in his forties sitting at home on his couch looking bored or sad - languishing
When we think of someone flourishing in life, we notice their vitality, contagious energy, and general positivity. Languishing, a term popularized by psychologist and sociologist Corey Keyes, is the opposite of that. For some people, this state of being might...
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