Labryinth As A Spiritual Experience

The patients at Cottonwood de Tucson built a labyrinth recently on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the group was excited to get out-of-doors and play a while in the desert.

From a pile of rocks and a design drawn in the dirt, they pieced together a seven-circuit labyrinth that measures 21′ in diameter. A walk into the center and back out again covers a distance of 56 yards.

The labyrinth design is 3,200 years old, originating on the Island of Crete. After the construction was finished, the group learned how to incorporate a labyrinth walk into their spiritual practice. The labyrinth walk can be used for prayer, meditation, or just plain-old-fashioned relaxation. We walked the new labyrinth in silence, amazed how a light sprinkle of rain fell on us as we began.

A few days later a patient reported seeing a double rainbow while walking the labyrinth. As he reports it: “My therapist suggested I walk the labyrinth to help me work on finding my Higher Power. First I see the rainbows. And then it rains, and minutes later, the sun comes out. So, I just threw my hands up and said, “OK. I get the message!”

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  1. Dan Cook

    Thank you for sharing the experience of using a Labyrinth to center yourself and gain a greater sense of spiritual connection. I find that with the quick pace of the world and all of the technology we have to make life easier, that many times individuals look for a quick fix to problems. Because society is so accustomed to the ease and comfort of technology we often forget to look at the simple things to help us. To me, sometimes it is something simpler that can do the most good for us. For example, the Labyrinth a 3200-year-old design out of simple materials can be a great place to help slow the fast pace and stress of the world and allow us to connect with a higher power while centering ourselves. Something I think all of us could use to do. I wonder how many of us overlook the simple things in life in search of a quick fix?

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