Monday, January 19, 2009

Addiction Psychiatrist - Daily Musings

The Daily Musings of an Arizona Addiction Psychiatrist

Hi and welcome to my part of the Cottonwood de Tucson blog! I am Dr. Jim Seymour, a psychiatrist and Assistant Medical director here at Cottonwood. For reasons still not clear to me (perhaps because I am not all there in the head) I have decided to write here on a daily basis. I do know this though, I love Cottonwood! I love my work, I love the people I work with. And I am honored to work with the many people who come here to do the difficult task of self examination and life changes.

I also love to talk about mental health issues and recovery and will be sharing what little wisdom and knowledge that I have as well as hoping to get comments and questions for discussion of a wide variety of topics. I find that by discussions on these topics I regularly learn new things and new ideas that help me help others who are seeking a good life, one that is good and fulfilling. I hope this blog will be of interest not only to you who happen to be reviewing our site for the first time but also to those of you who would like to return to discuss the daily musings of one who is also trying to grow and live a life worth living.

I will be back tomorrow but until then I will leave you the thought of the day.

"Are my actions appropriate for a communal being? If so, I have my reward"

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