Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recovery and the Cottonwood philosophy about treatment

Recently I have been thinking about recovery and the Cottonwood philosophy about treatment. What exactly do we mean by our philosophy? What are we referring to? Philosophy often seems to me to be an ivory tower exercise in thinking which has little relation to our everyday lives. I learned that the word philosophy comes from the Greek words philo (love) and sophia ( wisdom). So to the ancients, philosophy was the love of wisdom, which meant the search for a way of life that had purpose and meaning.

Here at Cottonwood we talk about recovery as wellness. Wellness of mind, body, and spirit which improves not only us but has a positive effect on those important people in our lives. It is a way of life. So our philosophy is wellness, which includes not just treating the addiction but the whole person, a challenge to a new way of living. We didn't invent this. It is a part of the collected wisdom of the ages. So I want to leave you with the thought for the day which comes from Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor philosopher who wrote this nearly 2000 years ago.

" The goal that you hope you will one day arrive at after a long and roundabout journey you are able to possess right now if only you do not deny it to yourself. That is, if you can let go of the past, entrust the future to Providence and redirect your present according to justice and the sacred. To the sacred so that you will welcome what has been given to you, for Nature has brought this to you and you to it, and to justice, in order that you may speak the truth freely and without distortion, and that you may act in accordance with what is lawful and right".

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