Friday, February 6, 2009

Pets, Addiction , Therapy, and Recovery

It is Friday so I thought I would provide another personal update. I haven't said much about my dog, Buddy. Buddy is 11 years old. He is a black and brown shepherd mix of some sort. That is Buddy on the left. The other dog is Labbie who passed away last year. I never can get Buddy to sit still for a picture. He always runs straight towards me when he sees the camera!

I found Buddy as an abandoned puppy. He was all mangy and my wife nursed him back to health. At the time we already had three dogs so we had no intention of keeping him. We wanted to find a good home for him. We didn't want to name him so we would not become attached to him so we just referred to him as Buddy or little Buddy. Well, we didn't look that hard for a home for him and after awhile we knew he was with us to stay. Although he is getting older he still has the energy and playfulness of a puppy. He has had to adjust to some loneliness as his two cohorts, Labbie and Muffin (both 14) died this past year. I am not one who can deal with grief by immediately going out and getting a new dog so we still have not decided whether or not to get another one.

He still doesn't know what to make of Pounce the cat who avoids him at all costs.

Thought for the day

" Toward what end am I now making use of my soul? Each day question and cross examine yourself".

Marcus Aurelius

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