Monday, February 16, 2009

Philosophy, Personal Achievement, and Hard Work

I was going to write about some recent news articles regarding neural pathways for addiction but have to pause to share some good news. Over the weekend we received a call from our older daughter, Amy (that is her on the right), who informed us that she had been admitted to the doctoral program in philosophy at Notre Dame. This was great news as she had wanted this for the past four years and with the degree of competition for so few spots available was unsure of her chances. She is currently in a Master's Degree program at Northern Illinois University which she will finish in May. She has worked very hard for this accomplishment and as her father, I certainly think she is worthy of this personal achievement!

Notre Dame is a Catholic university. We are not Catholic but the program there, as expected, takes seriously the possibility of God and how that might guide our philosophical considerations and discussions. She particularly wanted to work with two professors who are well known for their work, Dr. Alvin Plantinga and Dr. Peter van Inwagen. Dr. Plantinga has written a series of books on what he calls Warranted ChristianBelief in which he outlines his thoughts as to why belief in God can be taken seriously and rationally by philosophers. Dr. van Inwagen has written The Problem of Evil in which he discusses the age old question of how do we reconcile the idea of a loving God with so much evil and suffering in our world. I am very happy that Amy will be able to work with professors of such caliber.

So, I am very proud of Amy, for her hard work, perseverance and dedication and am very happy that this has been rewarded. Amy - you deserve it!

Thought for the day

" A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion".

Francis Bacon

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