Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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One thing that is special about Cottonwood that few people are aware of is the availability that our psychiatrists have to work with patients, There are many substance abuse treatment centers that treat co-occurring psychiatric disorders but I believe we have the greatest psychiatrist to patient ratio in the world. We have 3 full time psychiatrists on staff, in house, for a center with less than 60 patient beds. My patient load is 20-24 , hardly ever above that. That is astounding! I don't believe there is a treatment center anywhere in the world that comes close. If you are one or know of one I would be happy to have you let me know.

Our situation is such that the psychiatrist, the most highly trained person on staff is not relegated to doing psychiatric evaluations and medication management. I am available for a wide variety of roles. With my on site presence I am constantly interacting with the therapists both formally and informally. The therapist and I are able to sit down with the patient several times during their stay to formulate and review the treatment plan together as well as come up with behavioral objectives and assignments. I am able to meet with every family of every patient during family program week alongside the patient's individual therapist and twice in the week if need be. We can treat patients who are very ill as I have the luxury of seeing a patient as often as needed even three to four times per day if necessary to help stabilize a patient. I can work with all my depressed and anxious patients providing cognitive behavioral therapy sessions twice per week. Our therapists are able to confer with me as often as needed. And we have three psychiatrists doing this! This luxury of psychiatric availability is otherwise unheard of.

Addiction psychiatry availability is one of many factors that convince me that Cottonwood is the place to come for those suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Thought for the day

"I have not brought misery upon my fellows. I have not made the beginning of every day laborious in the sight of him who worked for me".

Ancient Egyptian-Confessions of the Righteous Soul

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