Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Environment, Green, Sustainabilty

Yesterday I mentioned that I like the word sustainability better than green to denote efforts to maintain a healthy envoronment in which we live.. Green to me carries a connotation that it probably doesn't to other people. To me it stands for the mindset that some people have that there is something inherently wrong with development and a blaming attitude towards people. Again this is just my personal connotation. I like the word sustainabilty better.

Sometimes it seems to me that there is very little that I can do that will make a difference. I can do some things. We recycle. We drive modest fuel efficient cars. We are putting in a solar water heater. We don't heat our pool. We try not to keep lights on. But I feel at times that it doesn't really matter, that as an individual household we are limited. Fortunately there are people wiser than me who don't take a fatalistic attitude. We have such people at Cottonwood. We have a Sustainability Team of staff members that continues to look at all that we do at Cottonwood. This group has changed the way we do some things here and keeps meeeting regularly to help us reduce negative enivironmrntal impact. I am glad we have this optimistic team which encourages a much healthier attitude about our ability to make a significant difference.

So to our Sustainabiltiy Team, Thanks!

Thought for the day

Together we can make a difference.

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