Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sisters, Friendship

Just a personal update today. I am very happy as my older daughter Amy flew in from Illinois last night and she will spend the rest of the week with us. They are having comprehensive exams for her graduate program at Northern Illinois University but she has passed all her exams earlier and has the week off.

One of the fun things about her being home is to see her and her sister Meg together. Meg is 6 years younger than Amy but they are the best of friends. They spend a great deal of time texting each other when apart(although we don't have an unlimited texting plan which we remind Meg of!). I really have not understand the texting thing. If I try to text I am way too slow. I don't understand though why if you have a phone you don't just call. Isn't that what a phone is for? The only thing I can understand texting for is when you are busy and doing something else and shouln't be using the phone anyway (like in class). But that is just me.

Amy had never met Pounce the cat before so it was fun to introduce them. Pounce is very friendly and seems to take to anyone. Amy always goes with me on our dog Buddy's walks and we get a chance to discuss and argue about life and philosophy. The trouble is though that she is much smarter than I am. I am just happy to be around her for a little while.

Thought for the day

"In everything give thanks for this is God's will for you".

St. Paul

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