Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Surprise Gift

I had something interesting happen to me yesterday. I had recently had a birthday and my daughter returned home from a church youth group with a present that one of her friends got for me. This was quite a surprise as I am not particularly close to this young man. I have had a number of interactions with him but do not feel thsat I have done anything special that would warrant him getting a gift for me. It is true that a lot of people for various reasons have been unkind to him and I have always tried to be especially nice to him because of this. But I was taken aback by this gift.

What it made me think about again is how we never really know how are interactions affect the people we are with. Something that might seem ordinary to me can have a significant meaning for the other person that I can never realy be aware of. I have had this happen to me. I think about one particular time in which I was quite down and someone who wouldn't be expected to me gave me a hug. While a simple gesture to the other person it was very powerful to me and helped me keep going through a very difficult time. I am sure that this person had no idea of what that gesture meant to me.

I am somewhat awed and humbled by this phenomenon and it reminds me that little ineractions whether positive or negative can have a profound impact.

Thought for the day

Whatever we do in this life has deep meaning of which we are usually very little aware of.

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