Friday, April 3, 2009

Cottonwood Staff, Mental Health Technician

I want to introduce you to another great member of Cottonwood's staff, Andrea Quiroz, MHT

My name is Andrea Quiroz and I’m a Mental Health Technician I Here at Cottonwood De Tucson. I have been a tech here for nearly a year and have enjoyed my experiences greatly. The best thing for me to have experienced here at Cottonwood is patients who come to Cottonwood, sometimes at their worst and seeing them the day they leave, thankful and most times the best they have been in months (even years).
I was born here in Tucson, Arizona and raised in a small town that lies on the outskirts called Marana. I recently moved back to Arizona after living in Europe for 4 ½ years. I had the privilege of working along side the men and women of the 173d Airborne Brigade in those years. I was actively involved in family readiness working with soldiers as well as family members to prepare for the coming deployments or re-deployments. I have to say it was the most rewarding 4 ½ years of my life!
I found that working here at Cottonwood is very similar to the experiences I had working with the military. In both organizations I found myself working along side other outstanding team members to prepare individuals as well as family members for the unfamiliar road that lies ahead. Providing support and encouragement is also another common element of importance noted. However, providing a service for the greater good is far yet the best!
Because of my experience with the military and Cottonwood I have decided to return to military service and serve as a member of the Air National Guard. I will be fortunate enough to continue my service to Cottonwood while at the same time serving my country. I hope to work in a field similar to the one in Cottonwood, helping and encouraging individuals for a better life we all deserve. I now see that Cottonwood truly is a new beginning for everyone.

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