Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cottonwood Staff, Primary Counselor

Peter Biava

Here is another great Cottonwood staff member, Peter Biava IV, MC, LPC

It's a pleasure to introduce myself on behalf of the primary counselors here at Cottonwood de Tucson. I am Peter Biava and this last December I celebrated my tenth year here as a counselor. I've worked as an adolescent, young adult and adult primary counselor as well as facilitated family program both here and in London. I also worked in marketing for a year. The most remarkable thing about the treatment here is the people. Talented, friendly, professional caring individuals that work together to make an impact on those in treatment and on each other. We all strive to make an impact on the lives of our patients so that they leave both supported and challenged to live a life of recovery. As the son of a social worker and a public school music teacher I was taught to be compassionate and creative in building strong relationships so that I could have an impact on the world. Cottonwood is a place that helps me to live those values as well as many others.

I've been humbled by the strength and courage that the patients access while in treatment and after they leave to face the same world but as a transformed individuals. To me growth and recovery is about facing your pain and fears and building the strength to live your life in accordance with your vision and purpose. So many patients and staff challenge themselves each day to do this with amazing results. I know for myself I have grown as a person and counselor by being here and experiencing the support and challenge of the treatment we do. One of the big lessons I'd like to share is about finding answers. So many of us try to find answers for our challenges in all the wrong places; drugs, alcohol, compulsive habits and hurtful relationships to name a few. I know for myself that I've thought almost certainly where or in what form the answer for a problem would be, only to realize later that the answer was somewhere else, thus learning that "you have to find the answer where it lies, not where you want it to be". This simple admission has saved me lots of struggle in the wrong direction and opened me up to possibilities I didn't consider.

"May Love and Courage guide you."

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