Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pfizer Assistance Program

I read the other day that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that it will provide continuation of medication for those on their drugs free of charge for one year to everyone who has lost their job due to the recession. Pfizer is the maker of the popular and big selling medications such as Lipitor, Viagra, Chantix, Geodon, and Lyrica. Although ultimately this is a self serving action it will provide genuine help for millions of people who otherwise could not afford to continue to take their medications and is another example of a win - win situation where both self serving interests and the public interests coincide..

The reason that this action is self serving is that Pfizer wants to maintain brand loyalty. People tend to stick with the medication that works for them and lack of access to the medications for a year would result in a number of people who would not restart their medication but either use cheaper generics or possibly obtain prescriptions for medications from a pharmaceutical rivalry. Lipitor will go generic very soon and there are alternatives to Geodon, Viagra, and Lyrica. It is an expensive but still very good idea for Pfizer and one in which other pharmaceutical companies may follow suit. I hope so as many people would not otherwise have access to continue their medications and if that is also good for the company that is OK by me.

Thought for the day

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