Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Opioids Addiction

Like most people I was sad to hear of Michael Jackson's untimely death. I really did not care much for his music and didn't listen to it but he did have remarkable talent and charisma.

What is especially saddening to me is to learn that he was addicted to opioids. As I have discussed before in this blog oral opioids (pain pills) are the biggest drugs of abuse now with the exception of alcohol and tobacco and are increasingly being used now even by young adolescents. I haven't heard anything about the toxicology reports on Michael Jackson but I will not be surprised if it is determined that opioids were somehow implicated in his death.

Whether or not opioids were a cause or factor it is also sad to me that he didn't receive treatment. Either he stayed in denial or was enabled by those around him to continue his addiction. It does show again that addictions know no bounds and transcend all socioeconomic demographics.

Thought for the day,

May God bless all those family members whose lives have been torn apart by addictions.

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