Friday, June 26, 2009

Serotonin Transporter Gene Depression

The Daily Musings of an Addiction Psychiatrist is back after a short hiatus. For some reason I have not been sleeping well so instead of getting up early which I enjoy and writing I have been dragging myself to work at the last possible minute. Maybe it is a guilty conscience as they say but I don't feel anxiuous at night - just awake.

A recent study has once again caused dissapointment in those of us who are continuing to hope that we will learn more about the genetic links that predispose us to depression. It had recently been thought that mutations in the gene coding for the serotonin transporter protein might be one of those factors. This seemed to make sense as we have known that the neurotrasmitter serotonin is associated with depression and that many of our antidepressant medications have an effect on serotonin. A large scale study though has shown that this gene is not a factor. Instead what is more associated with depression are the number of stressful life events.

This once again show that enviromental factors strongly influence the occurence of depression but leaves us wondering what the genetic differences are that would make one person respond to life stressful events with depression and another doesn't. What are the genetic differences that either protect us from or make us more vulnerable to depreesion? We still don't know.

Thought for the day

"In all things give thanks".

St. Paul

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