Monday, August 17, 2009

HR 3200 Health Care Reform

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The controversy over the type of health care reform we will have appears to be heating up and it may take some time for a  cooperative consensus to take place. I wish that we all agreed on the idea of universal access and coverage for health care and could rationally discuss the many potential ways that we can work to achieve that goal but political discussion rarely is that way.

A lot of controversy surrounds the proposed House health care bill HR 3200, the "'American Affordable Health Care Choice Act of 2009". President Obama admitted that hasn't read it. I don't believe that many congressman or senators have taken the time to read it either. So I thought I would read it. All 1,017 pages of it! I tried. I really did try. I haven't given up yet and am still working on it but have only read to page 95. I don't know how many have read proposed bills before, but they are often very confusing, are in "legalese" that most of us do not understand easily. I have read a lot of proposed bills but they have all been on much smaller scale issues.Iin addition to it's length HR 3200 is extremely confusing and complex with definitions that are not explained at the time of the word's use and have to be found later in the document. I did spend a lot of time with this and plan on continuing to do so (My wife has been and is still out of town).

I do not think anyone who closely reads even 95 pages of this bill can come to any other conclusion than   this one: This bill  proposes a complete goverment takeover of the health care system: a complete takeover that would be fully accomplished within the next five years. Those of you who have been reading this blog know that for various reasons I have been oppossed to a universal public plan option. HR 3200, however, does not just propose a government sponsored Medicare like program but a government takeover of the whole health care system. In further blogs I will outline some of the proposals in this bill and will happily discuss this bill with anyone who really does interpret it differently than I do. And all I have read is just 95 pages.

Thought for the day

I would like to see this issue rationally discussed.

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