Friday, September 4, 2009

President Obama Education Speech

I was surprised to learn that there has been some controversy over Presdent Obama's planned speech to schools nationwide. On Tuesday September 9th the president will be addressing school aged children directly encouraging them to work hard and stay in school. His address will be broadcast on CSPAN at noon EDT when students across the nation can tune in to hear the president speak directly to them.

There has been some controversy with a number of people concerned that President Obama will be using this format as an opportunity to further his administration's agenda. The same thing was said about George H.W. Bush when he made a similar address in 1991. Unfortunately a number of school districts do not plan on showing the speech. This is too bad. Education is vital and the president of the United States can have a great affect on many students, providing for many much needed encouragement not to drop out but to work hard to reach their goals.

The proposed speech will be posted on line on Monday and I hope this can alleviate what I feel are misplaced concerns.

Thought for the day

Education is essential to maintain a working democracy.

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