Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill House

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I haven't written in awhile. I don't exactly know why but felt it was time to do so again. By now everyone is probably aware that the House passed a health care reform bill. I have been very interested in this area and have commented on it a number of times. It is no secret that I have disliked the proposed House bill in it's original form. After reading the proposed bill I had a lot to say but made no comment on the Senate's deliberations as there was never a final form reconciled with the House. I probably will have a lot to say on this bill but I will make no comments until I read the final version after reconciliation with the Senate.

Thought for the day

Compassion. compassion, compassion

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  1. I try to read your blog regularly. I will look forward to your observations of the ACT in it final form.


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