Monday, April 26, 2010

Bariatric Surgery Psychiatric Illness

The 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine was recently held and I have looked at some of the reports of the presentations. Really there is nothing there that is particularly exciting although there was one presentation of interest on the impact of bariatric surgery for overweight individuals.

There was a general sense among practitioners that patients with psychiatric illnesses were poor candidates for these procedures which include gastric bypass and laparascopic band surgery. There really was no evidence for this as it had not been looked at in a comprehensive manner before. The researchers demonstrated that those with a variety of psychiatric illness did as well after the surgery as those without. 61 men and women receiving bariatric surgery from 2003-2008 were evaluated and found to have a mean weight loss of 40.2 whether or not there was depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, or bipolar disorder. The follow-up time was significant (24 months).

It is always nice to see some evidence that individuals with psychiatric illness do not need to be discriminated against.

Thought for the day

Your mind can change your brain.

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