Monday, June 7, 2010

Marijuana Schizophrenia Psychosis

I have been gone for a while so it is nice to be back working and writing again. I have previously talked about the link between marijuana and psychosis. In a subset of people chronic marijuana use has been associated with development of a psychosis with schizophrenic features. A recent study published in the online American Journal of Psychiatry found that for patients who were diagnosed as having schizophrenia those that used marijuana developed the disorder at earlier ages than those who didn't smoke marijuana.

The researchers followed 229 patients with schizophrenia for ten years after their first psychiatric hospitalization. Close to two-thirds of the patients had smoked marijuana at some time during their lives. The patients who used marijuana also had more severe symptoms than those who didn't. Unfortunately the trend was found in the other direction. Those with symptoms that were getting worse then used more marijuana probably in an effort to self medicate.

So there appears to be increasing evidence that marijuana and schizophrenia have some link. This does not mean that marijuana causes schizophrenia but it may be a factor in a number of cases.

Thought for the day

As I have said before,there is no safe drug.

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