Meth Devastating Rural Areas

Methamphetamine abuse is on the rise, devastating small towns across America. Meth is a drug that can literally be made by a high school student with a basic understanding of chemistry and a few packs of cold medicine containing a key ingredient for the production of Methamphetamine – Pseudoephedrine. In the last three years meth labs in Kentucky have tripled according to ABC.

Fighting the production of meth is a never ending battle despite the fact that Pseudoephedrine is being tracked by pharmacies and they have put a cap on how much cold medicine can be purchased by a single person every month – 9 grams or about 7 packages of Sudafed. In order to combat the new rules on how much cold medicine can be purchased meth producers are recruiting people to buy the drugs which are then sold to the chemist at inflated prices – roughly 1000 percent markup.

Dan Smoot, who leads a taskforce in London, Ky., called Operation UNITE, goes around to pharmacies with a number of other undercover police officers to try to stop what they call “smurfing”, named after the little blue cartoon characters, Smurfs, who are small, but powerful as a team. They see it all the time people going around to pharmacies in groups to purchase as many drugs containing Pseudoephedrine as they can.

Smoot explained that this behavior is an “everyday occurrence” in Kentucky. “We’re now No. 3 in the United States of America for production”.

ABC’s Nightline Show featured this story, watch the segment here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Living in a rural Az colonia near the Mexican border I can attest to the evils of Meth in my community. I am a counselor at a court ordered counseling facility who see the revolving door of addicts getting in trouble for things they would not do normally but under the influence of this drug, sleep deprived, starved and over sexed the crimes are escalating.The Border Patrol at the border stops some but not all of it coming in and then the ability to manufacture it in the home is why this is so prevalent.The poor addict who gets caught up looses his teeth, health and eventually sanity ; females burn their throids out early and a 25 year old looks 55 years old. Their jerky, spastic movements are there even if they do happen to get clean sometimes the effects take years to go away (if at all).

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