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Returning to Work After Treatment

You’ve taken much needed time to get help for substance abuse, a mental health issue, or a process addiction. Now you’re trying to create a routine that helps you move forward. Aspects of this might include where you live, whom you associate with, and how you make a living. After treatment, some people want a...
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What Does an Interventionist Do?

When you’ve tried to talk to a friend or loved one about substance abuse or another addiction problem, there was probably considerable emotion and miscommunication. Now might be the time to enlist the help of a professional interventionist. This person can provide mediation between you and someone you care for who may be in trouble...
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Handling Withdrawal Symptoms

There are few ways to predict how someone will react during alcohol or drug withdrawal. The physiology of each individual, types of substances abused, past and current environment, and support from family and friends all affect healing. Concern—or even fear—about the impact of substance withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t prevent you or someone you love from seeking...
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How Loving-Kindness Meditation Helps Recovery

Numerous studies tout the positive effects of meditation. Support of the medical community helps validate why this holistic wellness method proves beneficial for people, especially those overcoming substance use disorder (SUD). For people in recovery, meditation helps: Improve mindfulness. One typical aspect of addictive behavior is an inability to stay in the present moment. By...
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Addiction Treatment and FMLA

What Is FMLA? The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), established in 1993, provides an individual dealing with a health crisis the protection to take a hiatus from employment. The intent of the FMLA is to acknowledge changes in society, family structures, and workplaces; as well as broaden the potential scope of care. If you’re...
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