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digital illustration showing side profile of a woman's face with little comment bubbles all around her head that have different emoticons in them like a sad face, heart, question mark, etc., against a blue background - Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder: What It Is—And Isn’t

Understanding the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, can make all the difference in how you or a loved one can manage the condition and live a rich, full life. Here are some things you should know, including the importance of an accurate diagnosis and where to get effective treatment. What Is...
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pretty young woman sitting cross-legged at home - meditation practice

How Meditation Helps Your Mood

Holistic practices are wonderful for balancing daily life. One method in particular, meditation, consistently performs well in various scientific studies—and in most instances, it’s free. So how does a meditation practice help your mood? What the Science Says Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is practiced in cultures around the world. But...
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cropped shot of two people holding large wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces across the table from each other - treatment facility

The Partnership Between a Treatment Facility and a Client

It’s never easy to commit to leaving daily life behind to enter an inpatient treatment facility. Whether you need professional care for mental or emotional health issues, addiction, process addictions, complicated grief, or other trauma, you have to trust total strangers—often at the lowest point in your life. So here’s what you should expect from...
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man in the dark looking at his smart phone - social media

Does Social Media Make Us Feel Better or Worse About Ourselves?

In many respects, social media can be an effective point of meaningful connection for many people—such as Cottonwood’s Instagram and Facebook pages, for example. But some experts believe it might do more harm than good. Which is right? Depending on how you view social media, you might already have an opinion about this issue. The...
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dark kitchen where woman is opening the fridge - Night-Eating Syndrome

How Is Night-Eating Syndrome Different Than Binge Eating?

Although you might be familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, night-eating syndrome, or NES, is more along the lines of binge eating. However, it’s still a different disorder altogether, and anyone who suffers from it requires comprehensive individualized treatment. Understanding Night-Eating Syndrome People are often surprised to learn that NES was...
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digital illustration depicting The Four Noble Truths - Refuge Recovery

What Is Refuge Recovery?

Peer recovery support groups are reliable resources for people to maintain their sober living choices. However, different groups uphold different beliefs about and paths to sobriety. If you recognize the value of group interaction, it’s simply a matter of finding a program that fits your world view. Refuge Recovery is a possible option. Spiritual &...
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black and white image of Amy Speace, taken by Neilson Hubbard

Tipping the Crucible: How Artist Amy Speace Forged a New Existence

“It’s only my experience, but all the therapy I did before I got sober was me telling myself and the therapist lies, whether blatant or subconscious,” folk/Americana singer-songwriter Amy Speace tells Cottonwood Tucson. “How could I really dig into trauma if I was medicating, not feeling the deep feelings?” But addiction recovery was only the...
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pretty young woman in workout clothes smiling at the camera - brain health

The Connection Between Exercise and Mood

As if you haven’t already heard all the reasons to exercise from your therapist or doctor, here we are, about to go into more of them! That said, hear us out, as there’s some rather fascinating science that supports using exercise for better mental and emotional well-being. Better Brain Health Regular and consistent movement releases...
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man writing in journal - journaling

Journaling for Better Mental Health

The freedom to express your thoughts and emotions doesn’t mean you have to do it out loud. There’s tremendous value to creating a journaling routine to explore different feelings and release what no longer serves you. And there’s a wonderful art to making the process work best for your style and purpose. Journaling—That’s a Diary,...
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digital illustration of family silhouetted with panes of bright pinks and oranges - family therapy

Why Family Matters in Your Recovery

Family Therapy & Recovery For most of us, the concept of family is fluid. Few people have the typical close-knit unit as depicted in the media, while others might be estranged from their family because of destructive behaviors. So when someone enters an addiction treatment program or mental health facility and their continuum of care...
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