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closeup of someone playing game on mobile phone in front of computer - gaming

How Too Much Gaming Becomes an Addiction

Video games date back to the 1950s. A British professor created a simple tic-tac-toe computerized game as part of his dissertation in 1952. To demonstrate the abilities of the latest analog computer and oscilloscope screen, a researcher in New York designed a tennis game in 1958. A few years later, a professor at MIT invented...
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closeup of young woman with knees to chest in window nook - Christmas lights seen through window - loneliness

Dealing With Loneliness During the Holidays

Feeling lonely can happen any time of year, but it’s often more apparent during the holiday season. Loneliness is a valid emotion, and it’s fine to acknowledge it. It’s also a feeling you can change with a certain level of acceptance and helpful actions. Alone Vs. Lonely First, it’s important to understand the difference between...
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young man meditating in lotus position - meditation

Just Say Om: Resources for Meditation

Once Misunderstood–Now Recommended At one time, meditation was misunderstood, and few people considered it a viable option for improved health. Now, scientific studies confirm that various forms of meditation provide benefits that, while still unique to each individual, are quantifiable enough to be part of a recommended wellness plan. People in recovery from substance abuse,...
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woman comforting friend - enabling

Know the Difference Between Enabling and Helping

You Want to Help When someone you love is in pain, it’s a natural impulse to want to help in any way you can. If you feel you’ve contributed to this misery in some form, the urge to absolve yourself and take away feelings of guilt or shame—even if you’re really not part of the...
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stressed woman holding credit cards and looking down at statements - compulsive shopping

How Do I Know If I Have a Compulsive Shopping Problem?

Americans love to shop. In 2018, overall retail spending in the United States exceeded $3.6 trillion. Retail e-commerce purchases in America totaled $517.36 billion—more than any other country. In addition, more people use smartphones to shop rather than laptops/desktops than ever before because of convenience—46 percent of online shopping orders are placed with phones.* There’s...
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looking through cracked bedroom door at sad woman with head on her knees - sex addiction

What Is Sex Addiction?

An Overview Our culture has many misconceptions involving sex addiction. Sex makes us uncomfortable, and we attach to it aspects of morality that make it even more difficult to talk about. All of this makes it challenging to recognize the differences between a healthy sex life and a damaging, compulsive one. Compulsive sexual behavior disorder,...
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white plate with yellow tape measure on it, set on table with fork and knife - depression and eating disorders

Understanding the Connection Between Depression and Eating Disorders

A Complex Connection There’s a complicated connection between depression and eating disorders. The primary reasons for the complexity are the multiple layers of depression, how to address co-occurring disorders such as grief or trauma, and getting to the source of both the depression as well as the eating disorder. Types of Depression According to WebMD,...
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closeup of woman in white shirt with arms slightly crossed - compulsive

Treatment for Compulsive Behaviors

About Compulsive Behaviors All of us have particular habits and characteristics, so what classifies something as a compulsive behavior that may be harmful to you or others? Simply put, Psychology Today reports that someone exhibiting compulsive behavior does so “to relieve underlying anxieties or negative emotions. While the behavior doesn’t necessarily lead to any end...
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handsome senior man with glasses on the phone in his office - insurance

How Insurance Pays for Addiction Treatment

You shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for addiction treatment. Fortunately, many insurance companies recognize substance use disorder as a legitimate healthcare issue and provide some form of coverage for its treatment. You or a loved one should review your policy carefully and arrange for a consultation with your insurance carrier so you...
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close up of hands and feet of person standing and stretching on yoga mat - through yoga

Healing Addiction Through Yoga

When you go through substance abuse rehabilitation, your body and mind receive a bit of a reset. Detoxification may help your system purge harmful chemicals, and an introduction to proper nutrition starts the rebuilding process at the cellular level. Cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of psychological awareness provide a road map for new understanding...
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