Costs of Prescription Drug Abuse

The prescription drug abuse problem in America has become out of control and the cost of dealing with the problem is more than anyone might of thought. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud reports that Medicare and private health insurance companies pass on the cost of prescription drug abuse to consumers by raising their premiums. The...
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Anti-Anxiety Medication Addiction

Anti-anxiety medication can be extremely dangerous if abused or mixed with narcotics. People die every year from side-effects caused from mixing the Xanax, Valium, Klonipin, and Ativan with other substances. Over the past decade the drug has become more and more popular amongst teenagers and young adults as a recreational drug, as well as in...
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National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

In the war on addiction prescription drugs have proven to be the number one offender, affecting just about every community in America. While certain states are making a lot of headway on curbing the epidemic with the advent of prescription drug databases, the problem is still ever growing. Over prescribing and a lack of education...
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The Meth Project

Methamphetamine use in America continues to be a growing concern especially regarding teenage users. There have been a number of organizations that have aimed their focus on giving methamphetamine a bad name, showing the true colors of the drug and what it can do to you. One such program is called The Meth Project, a...
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Young Adults Lack Skills Requiring More Help

Making the decision to enter a drug and alcohol treatment facility is a big deal and is often times one of the hardest decisions that an addict has to make in their entire life. Most addicts would love to be freed of the bondage of drugs and alcohol, but despite that addicts will continue to...
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Elderly People Needing Treatment

Typically, as people get older they require more medical attention and may be prescribed medication for anything from high blood pressure to prescription opiates for an old knee injury. People are living a lot longer than before and as a result people may end up taking prescription drugs for extended periods of time. In Florida,...
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Overdose Drug Saves Lives

Drug addiction and overdose often go hand in hand; it is hardly a question of if as much as it is a question of when. Many people perish from their addiction before they ever give recovery a chance or have an opportunity to work a program of any kind. While prescription medications have become the...
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