Teenage Substance Use Linked to Dangerous Behavior

In the United States, it probably goes without saying that we put a huge emphasis on preventing teenage substance misuse and abuse, as is evident by our high legal drinking age as compared to other western democracies. In both middle schools and high schools across the country zero tolerance policies are at play, which can...
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Virtual Reality for Treating Heroin Addiction

Role playing is a common technique used by addiction counselors to help people new to recovery learn how to navigate their way through (seemingly) real life situations without picking up a drug or a drink. While such techniques may be effective, they require participants to imagine that they are not in a clinical setting, but...
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Child-Welfare Agencies Strained from Opioid Epidemic

Addiction, left untreated, has the power to take everything from a person – including one’s life. It is a disease that does not discriminate about who it affects. It is not uncommon for people who abuse drugs and alcohol to lose their friends, family, and livelihood; what’s more, for those active in addiction who happen...
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Addiction Recovery During Christmas

If you are in early recovery you may be finding, with Christmas approaching fast, that the holidays are proving to be a challenge. It is a feeling that is completely normal; it can take some time to learn how to cope with the multitude of emotions that rise up. For many in early recovery, there...
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Relationships in Recovery

Recovery comes first is heard all the time by people actively working a program. Failure to heed those words can result in one’s recovery falling apart, forgetting this can be a slippery slope. With all the distractions in people’s lives it is easy to take your eye of the ball, resulting in the weakening of...
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Nurses Using Drugs and Alcohol

When someone struggles with substance abuse they tend to keep it a secret for as long as possible, an inclination that can be life threatening. While the public’s perception regarding substance use disorders has come a long way in recent years, there is still a notable amount of stigma surrounding the disease. Those struggling with...
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Step Into Life: A Foot Journey Across America

People living a life of recovery traveled a rocky road to get where they are today. Both addiction and recovery are journeys, while the former a road to the depths of solitude and despair – the latter is one of hope and renewal. Many addicts spend many years alone, struggling to make ends meet and...
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Heroin is Cheaper and Easier to Obtain

The connection between prescription opioids and heroin use is ever apparent, despite a lack of research to date to support the relationship. Over the past few years the federal government along with state lawmakers has implemented several strategies to curb the prescription opioid epidemic, many of which have shown great promise in the fight to...
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HHS Will Rewrite Buprenorphine Rules

A shift in policy could mean increased access to buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist drug used to treat opioid addiction. On Thursday, the Obama administration announced that the Health and Human Services (HHS) agency would rewrite regulations that have been preventing opioid addicts from getting the drug, The Huffington Post reports. The announcement was made...
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Long Waits for Federally Funded Treatment

All across the country people are abusing heroin at an unprecedented rate, and many people who seek help for their addiction may find that they have to wait in line – a line which continues to get longer. The majority of people who seek substance abuse turn to state and federally funded rehabilitation services. In...
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