The Price of Naloxone Has Doubled

In the throes of a prescription opioid epidemic and scourge of heroin use, American officials are becoming more and more convinced of the need for greater access to the life saving drug naloxone. Naloxone, if administered in time, has the power to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. In the recent past, a number...
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The Addict’s Mom: Help Healing The Broken Spirits

How does the mother of an addict cope? a mom’s happy memories… Are you startled by that question? Don’t be. Mothers of addicts ask themselves every day…”How will I cope with this?” You are not sure who to talk to, who you can trust, who you should trust…admitting to anyone that your child suffers from...
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California Legalizes Needle Exchanges

Drug use and the spread of disease often go hand in hand, especially when addicts use drugs intravenously. In the past it was difficult to acquire clean syringes. Over the years a number of organizations have worked hard to provide addicts with access to clean needles, but there are still a lot of people who...
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Young Adults Lack Skills Requiring More Help

Making the decision to enter a drug and alcohol treatment facility is a big deal and is often times one of the hardest decisions that an addict has to make in their entire life. Most addicts would love to be freed of the bondage of drugs and alcohol, but despite that addicts will continue to...
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Giving Opiate Addicts Parolees Naltrexone

In the United States our prisons and jails house more people convicted of drug offenses than any other offense. Jail and prison for most of the 20th century has been the government’s answer to the drug problem. While the system has improved in the last two decades, as far as offering treatment instead of jail...
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Overdose Drug Saves Lives

Drug addiction and overdose often go hand in hand; it is hardly a question of if as much as it is a question of when. Many people perish from their addiction before they ever give recovery a chance or have an opportunity to work a program of any kind. While prescription medications have become the...
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