ATTENTION: The CDC Reports Numbing Statistics About Women and Girls Binge Drinking

Female friendly alcohol marketing Do you have 31 seconds to watch a television ad featuring “cake and caramels”? Who doesn’t like cake or caramels? If you are having trouble viewing the video, see it here. Obviously this ad is not about “cake and caramels”, but vodka! CDC Report: A Serious, Under-Recognized Problem Among Women and...
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Is Your Teenage Daughter Binge Drinking?

English: Smiling teenage girls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you have a teenage daughter?  Do you ever wonder where she really is when she says she is going out with friends?  Do you keep your cell phone close at hand, just in case she calls or texts you? Do you wait up until she is “safely”...
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Texting Reduces Drinking Amongst Young Adults

It is fair to say that almost everyone over the age of thirteen has a cell phone, but, it seems like less people are talking on their cell phones these days as more people are using text messaging to communicate. One might find it hard to believe, but, text messaging may actually reduce one’s consumption...
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