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What Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

One of the hardest things to accept about an alcohol use disorder (AUD) is how everything can appear “normal” and someone can still have a serious problem. After all, drinking is both legal and socially acceptable. People enjoy wine tours, craft beer festivals, and liquor pairings with gourmet appetizers. We pop a bottle of champagne...
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How Do I Celebrate My Sobriety?

How Do I Celebrate My Sobriety? Your sobriety is definitely a reason to celebrate. There may have been a time when you thought you could not overcome the influence of addiction. By celebrating how far you have come, you are proving to your loved ones and yourself that you have won the war against addiction....
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Alcohol and Children

Alcohol and Children Until they hit their twenties, children are developing their bodies and their minds. According to KidsHealth, 80% of high schoolers have tried alcohol. By filling their bodies with alcohol, they could be causing damage to the organs, muscles, bones, and their decision-making. It is important for parents to be involved in their...
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How Is Binge Drinking Defined?

How Is Binge Drinking Defined? Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking where one drinks heavily during a single occasion, which leads to intoxication.  Generally, this pattern of drinking consists of drinking five or more alcoholic beverages for men and four alcoholic beverages for women.  There is a high correlation between binge drinking and DUIs...
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What Is Dry Drunk Syndrome?

What Is Dry Drunk Syndrome?   Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) coined the term dry drunk to describe a person who is no longer consuming alcohol but still exhibits behavioral and emotional problems of an alcoholic. Some of these behavioral and emotional problems include irritability, impatience, impulsivity, and passing judgment on others. Some dry drunks exhibit grandiose...
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What the Recovering Alcoholic Must Know

What The Recovering Alcoholic Must Know There are certain things that every alcoholic in recovery should know. Learning to live without alcohol takes a new perspective on life and on recovery. Here are some examples of what the recovering alcoholic needs to know or should know. You can change and sustain this change with help...
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What Researchers Tell Us About Alcoholics Anonymous

What Researchers Tell Us About Alcoholics Anonymous There exists a number of researchers who consistently attempt to find solid evidence of the treatment efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. AA has been in existence for many years and millions of individuals have benefited from attending AA meetings. Still, researchers wish to know more about how...
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What If I Drink Alcohol and Abuse Cocaine?

  What If I Drink Alcohol and Abuse Cocaine? If you drink alcohol and abuse cocaine, you have what is referred to as concurrent addiction.This occurs when an individual is addicted to one or more substances at the same time. Alcohol and cocaine are often used together to counteract the effects of each. Cocaine provides...
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What If I Drink Only on the Weekends

What If I Drink Only on the Weekends Some people may only use drugs or alcohol during special occasions or on the weekends and ask if they need treatment for an addiction. There are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if treatment is needed. Do you think about drugs or alcohol when not...
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How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy?

How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy? At the beginning of most individual therapy sessions, the therapist will conduct an assessment and obtain information regarding family history.  The assessment is used to gather as much information about you as possible to help you.  The therapist wants to know some basic information about...
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