New Study: Some Suicidal Adolescents And Young Adults Have Access To Firearms

Safety proofing our homes… When was the last time you walked around your home and thought about safety? Just the other day a friend mentioned that she was going to be taking care of her 10 month old granddaughter for a few days. It occurred to her that she had not thought about baby-proofing her...
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SAMSHA Reports: Cigarette Smoking Linked To Mental Illness And/Or Substance Use Disorder

Quitting cigarette smoking is difficult… Have you ever smoked cigarettes? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then you know how hard it is to quit. First of all, cigarette smoking is very addictive. Secondly, cigarette smoking is still legal in our country and cigarettes are available in almost every convenience store, gas station,...
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Super Bowl Sunday: New Study Links Concussions And Depression

Prepping for Super Bowl Sunday It really was only a month ago when we were writing about the holidays and New Year’s resolutions. This week many, if not most, Americans are readying their plans to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, Super Bowl XLVII (for those of us not familiar with Roman Numerals, this is Super...
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ATTENTION: The CDC Reports Numbing Statistics About Women and Girls Binge Drinking

Female friendly alcohol marketing Do you have 31 seconds to watch a television ad featuring “cake and caramels”? Who doesn’t like cake or caramels? If you are having trouble viewing the video, see it here. Obviously this ad is not about “cake and caramels”, but vodka! CDC Report: A Serious, Under-Recognized Problem Among Women and...
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Baby Boomers and Hep C

Health headlines this past week might have caught many baby boomers off guard. The Centers for Disease Control issued a cautionary warning to all baby boomers (those born between 1945 and 1965) – You should get a onetime test to see if you are infected with the liver destroying virus Hepatitis C. Here are few...
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Smoking Cigarettes and Autism

There is a whole list of problems associated with smoking cigarettes during pregnancy. Every pack of cigarettes has a label warning pregnant women of the chance of birth defects, but sadly many women do not heed the warnings. A new study recently conducted suggests that women who smoke during pregnancy may be more likely to...
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A Call To Action To Prevent Prescription Drug Overdoses

Prescription drugs have become a major topic amongst law makers, making the news daily. The CDC recently released a somewhat startling report about how bad it actually is here in America. According to Grant Baldwin, PhD, MPH, the director of the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a...
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Adult Cigarette Smoking Decline

Every day millions of people light up and have a cigarette, some people smoke a pack per day. Indeed, cigarettes play a huge role in the everyday life for many people and it is no wonder considering the billions of dollars that go into advertising, as well as people’s lack of education, for whatever reason,...
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