Prenatal Exposure to Cocaine Disrupts Amygdala-Prefrontal Network

It has long been understood that consuming drugs and alcohol while pregnant can have adverse effects on the fetus, such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. While each case is different, time and time again exposure to mind altering substances has proven to severely put babies at risk of lifelong problems. New findings from researchers at...
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David Carr: He Reported On His Addiction And His Recovery

“The stories that we tell about ourselves are designed to sort of reveal a part of ourselves to the world. It’s the part we want to show. What I learned from two years of reporting, investigation and writing is that you can’t know the whole truth. But if there is one, it lies in the...
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Robin Williams ~ His Words and Ideas Changed Our World

Robin Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Our world changed on Monday evening… Famous people die every day. It can be a celebrity, a states person, an infamous character, a sports figure, or a world leader. For sure we almost always stop a bit and take notice, but every once in a while we find ourselves grieving...
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Meet Ronnie Goodman ~ A Runner With A Reason

A dream to run the San Francisco Half Marathon What does it take to run and complete a half marathon? You might be quick to answer “endurance,” “training,” “passion,” “an entry fee,” “running shoes,” “a healthy diet,” or even “a good night’s sleep.” We would like to introduce you to Ronnie Goodman. This short film...
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Sir Elton John: “To End AIDS We Need More Than A Cure – We Need Compassion.” Also Take A Look At The DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

English: Publicity photo of Elton John from the 1975 Rock Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) USA TODAY Op-Ed…by Sir Elton John “Science has given us the means to find a cure [for aids], but the stigma has prevented us from doing so.” It might surprise you to learn that we were made aware of Sir...
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stack of oreo cookies - oreos

Study: Oreos Activate The Brain’s Pleasure Center Like Drugs Of Abuse

Which would you prefer to eat – an Oreo cookie or a rice cake? No doubt you have seen all the news buzz about a recent study at Connecticut College that examined the addictiveness of high fat and high sugar foods. If you haven’t seen these news reports, you can read a number of them...
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A New Way To Share Your Recovery Story – Your Experience, Strength and Hope

A provocative magazine advertisement Yesterday while paging through a weekly news magazine, we came across a full page advertisement from THE PARTNERSHIP® AT DRUGFREE.ORG. You can see a copy of the ad to the right. Obviously the advertisement caught our attention, so we decided to investigate a little further.  THE PARTNERSHIP® AT DRUGFREE.ORG launched “The...
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national geographic magazines

Sugar: Learn Why We Crave It And The Connection Between Good Nutrition And A Healthy Recovery

National Geographic is not always about lions, tigers and bears In case you didn’t realize it, this year the National Geographic Society is celebrating 125 years of exploration and come this October they will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the publication of their first monthly magazine. Depending on your age you may be familiar with the magazine....
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Drugs and Lower Academic Achievement

As more and more studies are conducted regarding the effects of drugs and alcohol on the human fetus, the more we are able to understand what an exposed individual will experience as they grow up. It has long been understood that when pregnant women consume alcohol they put their baby at great risk of defects,...
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Cocaine Using Rat Study

Studies have shown that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol genetically pass the disease of addiction to their offspring. While addiction is not fully understood new research is being conducted every year that sheds more light on the disease. A new study that was conducted on rats has shown that chemical changes caused...
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