Depression: Could It Have An Evolutionary Benefit?

Only the strong survive… When you think of the phrase only the strong survive, what comes to mind? A song title or a movie title? Or maybe you think about Herbert Spencer’s phrase “survival of the fittest”, which was used by Charles Darwin when in 1869 he published his fifth edition of On the Origin...
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Teenage Girls: Depression Rates Rising

Adolescence: the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and terminating legally when the age of majority is reached. (dictionary.com) The operative word in this definition is transitional. We talk about our children “going through” adolescence, as if it were a quiet walk in the park. We...
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Universities Offer Online Suicide Prevention Counseling

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and college students are getting ready to head back to their college campuses. Many students are spending the last few weeks of vacation by shopping for items they may need for their dorm room or apartment, some are catching up on their summer reading list...
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It Appears Baby Boomers Face More Than Gray Hair!

Turns out baby boomers need to worry about more than gray hair! Some people look forward to growing older. It’s true. They look forward to retirement, traveling, enjoying their home, spending time with their spouse or partner, perhaps being a grand-parent, or volunteering for favorite causes.  Did you ever experience the death of a dear...
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Some Reflections on Suffering

In 1911 the pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote, “All neurosis is a substitute for genuine suffering.” Jung’s insight of a century ago may have some value for us today since the conditions from which the readers of Together AZ recover – disorders like alcoholism, other chemical and behavioral addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma – are...
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Mood Disorders and Opiate Addiction

Mental disorders often go untreated by a professional which can lead to individuals self-medicating to cope with their problem(s). Bipolar, anxiety, and depression are some of the most common mental ailments that people treat with illicit substances. It is often the case that people turn to opiates, like oxycodone, and become addicted to them; especially...
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