The Power of Parents

The best role model a child can have regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol is their parents. Every year countless teenagers get behind the wheel of a car, placing their life and the lives of others in grave danger. Teenagers have the propensity to feel invincible; when alcohol is added to the equation it...
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Should Every Car Have An Alcohol Ignition Interlock?

This chart from Mothers Against Drunk Driving shows the status of ignition interlock laws across the country. Legislation is pending for interlock mandates for even first-time offenders in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin. As more and more states adopt alcohol ignition interlock devices for those motorists who...
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Alcohol Driving Deaths Report

The holidays for most people are often a time of partying and jubilee, when people who do not normally consume a lot of alcohol end up drinking more. Consumption of alcohol can go from having a good time with one’s peers to a tragedy in a matter of seconds when one decides to get behind...
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Alcohol Ignition Blood Test

Everyday, people make the choice to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking and in many cases they make it home or to their next destination. Unfortunately, we all know that drunk drivers get into accidents all the time, taking their life and potentially the lives of others. Drunk driving isn’t a joke,...
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