equine assisted counseling

Cottonwood Tucson Co-Sponsors Equine Assisted EMDR Protocol Workshop ~ November 16, 2013

Cottonwood Tucson is co-sponsor for EMDRIA Approved Workshop Join Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC EMDRIA Approved Consultant for a highly interactive workshop sponsored by Cottonwood Tucson that will introduce Equilateral™, the first EMDR protocol to integrate EMDR and EAP to address trauma. Using this protocol, trauma survivors learn affect tolerance, grounding skills and the ability to...
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“Rescued” Dogs Help Soldiers Cope With PTSD

“When dogs fulfill their roles they are ecstatically happy.”  Robert Crais Dogs do play many roles in our lives. We see them as pets…house pets. We see them as working dogs on a farm or ranch…herding livestock. We see them as guard dogs…protecting a business. We see them as lap dogs…companions for their owners. We...
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Cottonwood Tucson’s “Equilabyrinth”

Creating a labyrinth to aid healing Cottonwood Tucson’s labyrinth Four years ago, our staff decided to install a 40′ Classical-style labyrinth for patients use at Cottonwood.  From its inception, the labyrinth was a community project.  Our landscaping crew cleared the area. Our clinical staff chose the design and sliced it into the dirt. Our patients...
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Ron Welch at Cottonwood

Cottonwood Tucson Celebrates 25 years of Recovery!

Cottonwood Tucson Celebrates 25 years of Recovery! The early years… Cottonwood de Tucson was founded in 1987 by a group of recovering individuals. Their vision was to create a world-class treatment center in Tucson, and then use that model in building other centers in key areas around the country. The treatment model they developed was...
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Equine Assisted Counseling for Addiction Recovery

Equine Assisted Counseling at Cottonwood de Tucson provides a unique approach to recovery and self-discovery. Patients explore their strengths and challenges with regards to trust, intimacy, boundaries and self-acceptance. Equine Assisted Counselor, Laura Brinckerhoff, and her team of Equine professionals and safety support, work with patients in a group setting. Each patient at Cottonwood takes...
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