SAMHSA Reports: ER Visits Increased By 220% Resulting From Zolpidem Use

Once again Zolpidem is in the news… On May 1, 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued a press release announcing that according to a new report there is a sharp rise in emergency departments visits which involve zolpidem (the sleep medication).  The report referenced is: Emergency Department Visits for Adverse...
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FDA Issues Sleep Aids Dosage Safety Announcement

 “Waking Up” to a TV ad Television ads are designed to grab our attention. Did you ever notice that pharmaceuticals ads spend a lot of time discussing side-effects, warnings, and a suggestion not to start any new medication without first checking with your doctor and/or pharmacist?  This morning we saw a new ad for Intermezzo....
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Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much?

 Chemical structure of Caffeine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A cup of coffee, a soda or a piece of chocolate… How much caffeine do you consume each day? Do you even know? If you have health problems and you have been cautioned to avoid caffeine altogether or to limit your caffeine intake, then you are cognizant of...
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Safe Disposal of Fentanyl Patches

Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There are a number of extremely powerful prescription opiate narcotics on the market today. If such drugs find their way into the hands of small children they can be deadly. Today, the most powerful painkiller on the market that can be found in the household is Fentanyl Duragesic Patches; when applied to...
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Worries About Energy Spray With Alcohol

Over the last few years the amount of people mixing energy products with alcohol has become a major concern amongst health officials. Mixing stimulants, even caffeine, with alcohol is dangerous and can absolutely be a fatal combination. It gives drinkers a false sense of being less intoxicated thus resulting with individuals drinking more to the...
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Rescheduling Hydrocodone Delays Continue

Hydrocodone or Vicodin as it is known best is one of the most abused prescription narcotics available. While it may not be as strong as oxycodone it is still highly addictive and has the potential to take lives. This is why over the last 12 years the federal government, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and...
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