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Styles of Meditation

While there are numerous methods of meditation, sometimes it’s a challenge to know which meditation styles could be the best for you. Fortunately, it’s easy and free to try as many forms as you like until you find the right fit. Why Meditate? The benefits of meditation differ for each person, but scientific study of...
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How Yoga Helps Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

Because of certain media depictions of yoga, many people think it’s a little too esoteric for them, or they’re not thin enough to practice, or it’s simply weird! But understanding yoga from a physiological perspective reveals benefits accessible to everyone. An Uncomplicated Look at Yoga For a moment, let’s forget about all the typical Western...
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Creating a Gentle Yoga Practice

Everyone can benefit from a gentle yoga practice. Making time to move even a little bit each day and focus on your breath prompts many natural healing responses that benefit mind and body. Whether you’re in addiction recovery or learning how to effectively manage mood and mental health disorders, yoga offers many advantages. Scientific Support...
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Creating Balance in Your Body After Addiction

One crucial component of recovering from addiction is to eliminate toxins from your body and enable its natural healing processes. It’s not always enough to simply stop abusing drugs or alcohol: the body has to be restored with proper hydration, nutrition, immunity, pH balance, regular exercise, and good sleep hygiene. Medical Detoxification Medical detoxification isn’t...
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Why Holistic Alcohol Treatment Programs Work so Well

  Why Holistic Alcohol Treatment Programs Work so Well   Holistic alcohol treatment programs work well because they are the best approach to treating alcoholism. This type of alcohol treatment involves healing every aspect of the alcoholic’s life. Holistic treatment is not a quick fix nor is it short term. Rather, it is an approach...
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