love addiction

Is Love Addiction Really Love Dependence?

Is Love Addiction Really Love Dependence? Popular culture often portrays love as always being near that person, not being able to live without them, and being willing to do whatever it takes to obtain the person of their desire. This sort of love is portrayed as an addiction – a sort of love that someone...
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Understanding Sex and Love Addiction

Sex addiction and love addiction are not the same thing.  The exception to this statement is that both typically involve emotional deprivation experienced in childhood.  The sex addict and the love addict come from homes that are not stable or emotionally fulfilling.  The child in this environment grows up feeling neglected and will look to...
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Is Your Love Addiction Causing You Harm?

Love addiction causes many people many years of anguish until they are able to face their greatest fears: being alone. In the meantime, the different behaviors and symptoms of love addiction might be causing you more harm than good. You fear loneliness so severely that you avoid it all cost. You are constantly in a...
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Love Addiction Hurts

The National Post reports on new research from the University of Oxford which is seeking to validify the experience of love addiction. “In a new paper, the Oxford team says there now exists abundant evidence from brain-based studies to support their claim ‘love is (or at least can be) an addiction,’” Love, the act of...
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