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digital illustration showing side profile of a woman's face with little comment bubbles all around her head that have different emoticons in them like a sad face, heart, question mark, etc., against a blue background - Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder: What It Is—And Isn’t

Understanding the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, can make all the difference in how you or a loved one can manage the condition and live a rich, full life. Here are some things you should know, including the importance of an accurate diagnosis and where to get effective treatment. What Is...
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man in the dark looking at his smart phone - social media

Does Social Media Make Us Feel Better or Worse About Ourselves?

In many respects, social media can be an effective point of meaningful connection for many people—such as Cottonwood’s Instagram and Facebook pages, for example. But some experts believe it might do more harm than good. Which is right? Depending on how you view social media, you might already have an opinion about this issue. The...
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up close and cropped shot of a man's hand on an open book - mental health memoirs

Mental Health Memoirs That Provide Hope

Hope for a Better Future When we hear stories of triumph over adversity, they feed into our belief that we can triumph, too. Even if the circumstances aren’t exactly the same, we feel connected to others who understand what we’re going through and can help shine a light toward a better future. Let’s explore some...
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man and woman walking their dog - Better recovery

Want a Better Recovery? Exercise!

If there was something free you could do to alleviate fatigue, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, and make you feel more in control of your wellness, would you do it? Yep, we’re going into the “exercise is good for you!” box and pulling out all the treats! We Know, We Know Of the things you...
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woman using a light box for SAD light therapy

How to Handle SAD for Better Mental Health

When you feel more down or blue during the winter, it’s quite possible you’re experiencing the aptly-named SAD: seasonal affective disorder. Even in Southern Arizona, where Cottonwood Tucson is located, many people struggle in winter due to shorter daylight hours, among other factors. What Causes SAD? Although 10 million Americans experience SAD each year, scientists...
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digital illustration of support group - diverse people in chairs in a circle - support role

Coping With a Loved One’s Mental Health Issues

Being a Support Role for a Loved One When someone you love has unmanaged mental health problems, it may seem at times that the emotional rollercoaster is too much to bear. You ebb from worry and helplessness to frustration and even anger. These feelings are valid, and how you learn more about your support role...
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man in his forties sitting at home on his couch looking bored or sad - languishing

What Is Languishing and How Does It Impact Your Mental Health?

When we think of someone flourishing in life, we notice their vitality, contagious energy, and general positivity. Languishing, a term popularized by psychologist and sociologist Corey Keyes, is the opposite of that. For some people, this state of being might only be temporary. For people with mental health issues, it can make managing their conditions...
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woman laying in bed on her side - better sleep

Methods for Better Sleep

It’s common to think we can get by on little sleep occasionally, as we can always make it up later. In reality, we should pay close attention to our “sleep hygiene” and do all we can to get better rest. What Is Sleep Hygiene? The Sleep Foundation defines sleep hygiene as “a variety of different...
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cropped shot of person lighting several candles - self-care

The Value of Self-Care Routines for Better Health

Self-care is often a buzzword that many people grow weary of hearing, simply because they think it involves a lot of snake-oil products or unrealistic methods. While there might be a little of that in the marketplace, it benefits you to take the concept seriously and develop what helps you be your best. “You Can’t...
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closeup of young child looking sad and fearful - adverse childhood experiences

How Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Mental Health

Unless you’ve already been through aspects of trauma therapy, you might be unfamiliar with the term “adverse childhood experiences” or ACEs. Adverse Childhood Experiences are specific criteria that mental health professionals use to assess what traumas children or adults might have faced, and why treatment must resolve these issues before healing can begin. Understanding ACEs...
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