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President Unveils Addiction Treatment Parity Plan

par·i·ty ˈperədē/ noun  the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay.  The word parity is one that is particularly important, especially to those living with mental health disorders and/or addiction. If you have been following the news regarding the prescription opioid epidemic, and the scourge of heroin addiction that has followed...
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Smokers May Have Increased Risk of Mental Health Disorders

In the 21st Century it probably goes without saying that the vast majority of adults are aware of the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. If you were to ask a smoker, former smoker or non smoker about the potential dangers of smoking they would probably answer you by listing a multitude of cancers and...
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New Recommendations for Depression Screening

Depression is a mental illness which affects millions of Americans, if left untreated the results can be dire. It is mental health disorder that is often seen in the field of addiction, as many of those who abuse drugs and alcohol commonly suffer from depression as well. A significant number of people suffering from depression...
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Childhood Mental Health Disorders May Lead to Adulthood Issues

A new study suggests that children diagnosed with mental health disorders are more likely to experience problems in adulthood. Researchers from Duke University found that children with a mental illness were six times more likely to have trouble as young adults, compared to those without psychiatric disorders, a news release from Duke Medicine reports. The...
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Taking Antipsychotics Without A Diagnosed Mental Health Disorder

In the field of addiction treatment, medications are sometimes used off-label in place of medications that can be habit forming. While drugs like Seroquel XR ® (Quetiapine ER), an atypical antipsychotic, have been approved for treating schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression, the drug has proven beneficial and is commonly used off-label to treat anxiety...
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Breaking Down The Stigma of Mental Illness

Despite mental illness affecting millions of Americans, there is a lot of stigma surrounding the disease. While we have come a long way with breaking down the stigma that accompanies mental illness, there are still plenty of misconceptions that people have about conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression. It is quite difficult for people...
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