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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illnesses for People of Color

It’s challenging to have a mood or mental health disorder, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or depression. But certain individuals also have further difficulties opening up about their illnesses to families or within their social circles because of stigmas. This is what many members of the BIPOC community—Black, indigenous, and people of...
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What Is Experiential Therapy?

What Is Experiential Therapy?   Experiential therapy is a unique form of therapy that uses many different approaches to re-enact emotional situations from past and present relationships. These approaches can include role-playing, guided imagery, animal care, music, or arts and crafts. The individual focuses on the activity and by engaging in the experience of the...
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Can Psychotic Disorder Be Induced by Substance Use?

Psychosis refers to a break from reality. Drug-induced psychosis describes any episode of psychosis which is related to the abuse of a substance and can occur if a person takes too much of a certain drug or drinks too much alcohol. Substance-induced psychosis can also occur either if certain drugs are mixed together or with...
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There are Many Benefits of Going To Treatment For Mental Health

Mental health disorders like chemical dependency issues, compulsive behavioral issues, and co-occurring disorders like mood and personality disorders can create feelings of isolation. When surrounded by people who don’t, or can’t understand what it is like to live with the symptoms of mental health disorders, the experience can feel alone. Treatment is a time and...
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