Yoga Practice for Addiction Recovery

Regular yoga practice teaches practitioners to be mindful of the present moment. Novice yoga practitioners will frequently exhibit skepticism or defensiveness when they are instructed to be “mindful” of their surroundings and circumstances. The challenge of getting past this skepticism can be even more difficult for an addict whose addiction has fostered an ingrained negativity....
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5 Health Benefits For Mind, Body, and Spirit, When You Get Sober

You might not believe that quitting drugs and alcohol is going to make you feel any better than you do now, struggling in your active addiction. Here are some of the ways you are going to benefit in your health when you get sober: Your body is clean and healthy: Drugs and alcohol damage the...
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The Many Health Benefits Of Practicing Thai Chi

Tai Chi is actually an exercise that burns calories and can help with weight management. Though many people see Tai Chi as just a series of slow movements, it is actually an exercise as well as a form of martial arts practice. Focusing on maintaining certain physical stances, movements, as well as muscle control. Practicing...
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Including Mindfulness In Social And Emotional Learning

Weather (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Parenting through the winter break… National news stories for the past month have featured the winter snow storms (blizzards) that just keep coming. The northeast in particular has been impacted, but the Midwest has had record storms and low temperatures and now even the southeast is in the midst of some...
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Training Our Minds To Deal With Societal Exhaustion

Have you heard the term “societal exhaustion?” It could be you’ve never heard the exact term “societal exhaustion,” but if you’re like the average person then your imagination will allow you to envision a day in your own life. You get up, you check your cell phone for messages, you glance at the television to...
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Therapeutic Photography: A Mindfulness Process

Do you remember the first time you used a camera? The other day we were having lunch with an associate and suddenly she said, “Wait, let’s take a photo…oh, OK, a selfie!” We obliged and had a good laugh at our many attempts to make ourselves look young and gorgeous! Afterwards we got to talking...
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Mindfulness: Listen To The Soundtrack Of The City

Listening to life… Do you still wait for the sound of the daily newspaper being tossed in your driveway or dropped at your front door? Do you look forward to receiving your favorite weekly or monthly magazine? For that matter, do you ever sit down and watch your favorite weekly television show in its assigned...
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MOOD WATCH: An APP That Empowers People Who Suffer From Mood Disorders

A black version of an emblem used by iOS app developers to indicate that something is available for download from the App Store. It has a image of an iPhone and reads “Available on the App Store”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Keeping track of daily events… Do you live with a chronic or acute disease? Has...
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Mindfulness Meditation and PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is in the news a lot these days. We read about our veterans and the number that are diagnosed with PTSD. Researchers continue to work on new treatments for those suffering from PTSD and now some are looking at ways to help military personnel and civilians be better prepared to...
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