digital illustration depicting The Four Noble Truths - Refuge Recovery

What Is Refuge Recovery?

Peer recovery support groups are reliable resources for people to maintain their sober living choices. However, different groups uphold different beliefs about and paths to sobriety. If you recognize the value of group interaction, it’s simply a matter of finding a program that fits your world view. Refuge Recovery is a possible option. Spiritual &...
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pretty Black woman looking directly at the camera - rehab

Why Going Back to Rehab Is Okay

It’s hard to admit this out loud, but rarely do we master something new on the very first try. While this fact of life is totally acceptable when learning to ride a bike or baking sourdough bread, it’s rarely permitted in the world of recovery. “You went to rehab! You should be ‘fixed’!” How can...
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woman taking groceries to senior man - both donning masks - volunteering

Why Giving Back Makes You Feel Better

Here’s something interesting: research shows that toddlers will help someone in need simply out of an authentic concern for them. Naturally, this gives us all the immediate “feels” because of their wondrous innocence. What do you think life would be like if adults followed this same basic principle? Cooperation: The Foundation of Altruism If we...
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woman in a dress outside with pink clouds in the sky - pink cloud syndrome

Pink Cloud Syndrome: How Does It Affect Your Well-being?

After months or even years of scuffling with mental and emotional health, it’s no wonder that when proper treatment shows promise, you feel on top of the world. However, there’s a difference between a hopeful outlook for the future and pink cloud syndrome. Let’s take a closer look. Pink Cloud What Now? A common reference...
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cropped shot of women's hands putting ornaments on a holiday tree - drama-free holiday season

Planning a Drama-Free Holiday Season

Okay, if we’re honest, it’s possible that “drama-free” and “holiday season” are simply two ideas that don’t go together! All the proverbial hustle and bustle, traveling, and splitting time between places are common. But lingering aspects of the pandemic, as well as possible loneliness and isolation that sometimes accompanies this time of year, might also...
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man in his forties sitting at home on his couch looking bored or sad - languishing

What Is Languishing and How Does It Impact Your Mental Health?

When we think of someone flourishing in life, we notice their vitality, contagious energy, and general positivity. Languishing, a term popularized by psychologist and sociologist Corey Keyes, is the opposite of that. For some people, this state of being might only be temporary. For people with mental health issues, it can make managing their conditions...
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thin, athletic woman jogging outdoors during fall - bulimia nervosa

Understanding Bulimia Nervosa and How to Get Help

Eating disorders often have complicated origins: they’re not always about consuming too much or too little food. That behavior is a symptom of much greater mental health concerns. When someone suffers from bulimia nervosa, commonly known as bulimia, proper treatment includes not only understanding and modifying the condition, but also uncovering what prompted it and...
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woman laying in bed on her side - better sleep

Methods for Better Sleep

It’s common to think we can get by on little sleep occasionally, as we can always make it up later. In reality, we should pay close attention to our “sleep hygiene” and do all we can to get better rest. What Is Sleep Hygiene? The Sleep Foundation defines sleep hygiene as “a variety of different...
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plate that is also scales as place setting on an orange table - anorexia nervosa

What Is Anorexia Nervosa?

Although anorexia nervosa—also referred to as anorexia—seems like a modern disorder, physicians published papers about a form of the disorder in the late 1800s. However, in all this time, the definition has changed considerably. A Brief History of Anorexia Some researchers claim that doctors were trying to understand “a nervous consumption caused by sadness and...
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worried looking woman at home with mask on - COVID and mental illness

COVID and Mental Illness

The impact of coronavirus is more than just physical or economical. Mentally and emotionally, most people feel the strain of the pandemic in numerous ways. The question now is, how do we heal from it, and where do we turn for help? COVID Simply Isn’t Over Yet As of this writing, there are nearly 30...
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