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Drumming: Honoring Your Internal Rhythms

As part of the InnerPath experience at Cottonwood Tucson,we drum. Yes, drum! We bring in a full sized West African djembe for each participant, and they play it. Not only do they play it, by the end of the session...
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ADHD written on medical clipboard

INTUNIV Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Shire pharmaceuticals has announced the release of a new medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They have received FDA approval to market and sell INTUNIV which is a long acting form of the medication guanfacine. Guanfacine is a medication...
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Falling off my bike at age fifty-seven

Falling Off My Bike at Age Fifty-Seven It was a great idea. I had a meeting at 7:15 am and it was only three miles each way. I was going to get in a meeting and my exercise in one...
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Friday is an exciting day for me! My oldest daughter is graduating from her Master’s degree program at Northern Illinois University. She will be entering a doctoral program in philosophy at Notre Dame this fall which she has been working...
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Behavioral Health Technicians Immediate Openings Available!

Cottonwood de Tucson has immediate openings available for Behavioral Health Technicians. Full-time, Part-time and As-needed on All Shifts. The most qualified candidates are those with a Bachelor’s degree. In lieu of a degree, a combination of education and recent work...
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Addiction, Recovery, Cottonwood, Nursing

I have talked before about the great staff we have at Cottonwood. Today I want to introduce you to one of our wonderful nurses, Brian Law, RN When asked to write about yourself, it always proves to be a difficult...
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Addiction, Recovery, Therapeutic Recreation

As I have said before one of the nice things about working at Cottonwood is being associated with the great people we have here on staff. I want to introduce you today to Richard Patterson, MS, CTRS, our Therapeutic Recreation...
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Full-Time Position Available Adult and Extended Care Units Counselor Cottonwood de Tucson

Full-Time Position Available Adult and Extended Care Units Counselor Cottonwood de Tucson Cottonwood de Tucson is a highly acclaimed treatment facility specializing in effective inpatient dual diagnosis, chemical dependency and behavioral health programs. We currently have a full-time position available...
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Addiction,Recovery, Therapeutic Fitness, Wellness

I would like from time to time introduce you to my colleagues and co-workers. We have the best staff that I have ever been involved with and I am proud and honored to work these very caring people. Today I...
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