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thin, athletic woman jogging outdoors during fall - bulimia nervosa
Eating disorders often have complicated origins: they’re not always about consuming too much or too little food. That behavior is a symptom of much greater mental health concerns. When someone suffers from bulimia nervosa, commonly known as bulimia, proper treatment...
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woman laying in bed on her side - better sleep
It’s common to think we can get by on little sleep occasionally, as we can always make it up later. In reality, we should pay close attention to our “sleep hygiene” and do all we can to get better rest....
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cropped shot of person lighting several candles - self-care
Self-care is often a buzzword that many people grow weary of hearing, simply because they think it involves a lot of snake-oil products or unrealistic methods. While there might be a little of that in the marketplace, it benefits you...
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closeup of young child looking sad and fearful - adverse childhood experiences
Unless you’ve already been through aspects of trauma therapy, you might be unfamiliar with the term “adverse childhood experiences” or ACEs. Adverse Childhood Experiences are specific criteria that mental health professionals use to assess what traumas children or adults might...
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black and white illustration of woman's silhouette in window, sad and alone - complicated grief
There are many reasons why people might spiral into an abyss of grief. What makes it more challenging is when they also feel they can’t fully express themselves or seem to come to terms with the loss. Finding support to...
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closeup of handsome man in his late twenties with his eyes closed - urge surfing
When you feel you’re about to be overcome by your thoughts or emotions, knowing how to “urge surf” can help bring you back to center. This mindfulness technique, often used in addiction recovery, is also an essential coping skill for...
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handsome middle age Black man jogging down city sidewalk - exercise addiction
Everyone knows that one foundational pillar of wellness is exercise. So why could too much of it be bad for your health? Unfortunately, some people develop an exercise addiction that’s often a symptom of mismanaged obsessive-compulsive disorder or an eating...
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cropped shot of man in military fatigues talking to a therapist who is taking notes - treatment for veterans
The National Institute on Drug Abuse states a cold, hard fact: Veterans and active military personnel with alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) are three times more likely to receive a diagnosis of depression and/or PTSD. So...
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cropped shot of man meditating on his bed - insomnia
You hear it everywhere: get better sleep, and all is right in the world! But what if sleep is eluding you for one reason or another? Here are some natural solutions to improve sleep hygiene and overcome insomnia. Wait—What Is...
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