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illustration of dark cave looking out of entrance shaped as human head, onto a beach - EMDR therapy
Acronyms and abbreviations can be difficult to decode. They are intended to shorten communication—whether written or spoken—so that we don’t have to use the full name of something over and over. But sometimes that doesn’t really help make things more...
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pretty African American woman looking in mirror at her face - body dysmorphia
Everyone has days when they don’t feel they look their best, or wish they didn’t have a scar or some other type of flaw in their appearance. So when do these feelings actually become a problem? Body dysmorphia, also referred...
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hands holding rainbow heart on dark wood background - LGBTQ(IA+)
When some healthcare professionals talk about people with substance or alcohol use disorder, process addictions, mood and co-occurring disorders, trauma and PTSD, or eating disorders, they often put someone in a group based simply on symptoms. But whole person, holistic...
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coffee, muffin, and journal sitting on bed in morning - establishing routines
When a person manages their life well, it’s likely that routines and rituals have a large role in their success. Whether you’re trying to live sober, follow healthy methods for handling a mood or behavioral disorder, or recognize that your...
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Lauren Impraim, MA, LPC - Family Program Manager at Cottonwood Tucson - Recovery Is a Family Matter
By Lauren Impraim, MA, LPC Family Program Manager When an individual enters treatment for addiction or behavioral health, there is often at least one other person who has been deeply impacted. Some family members would like to point the finger...
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young man in dark room playing video games - gaming addiction
While many people play video and online games for fun and camaraderie, others use these activities to deal with various issues they’re troubled with and don’t know how to handle. If they don’t receive proper treatment for these issues, they...
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couple facing away from each other in argument - quarantine - addiction problem
Few people who live together are around each other all the time. Most individuals have separate work, friends, errands, hobbies, and other activities from each other. These busy routines mean that all too often, we don’t fully know the behaviors...
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zen sand sculpture with black rocks - calm
Some people seem to have a natural predisposition for ease and tranquility. When faced with adversity or just handling concerns or annoyances of daily life, they hardly ever appear ruffled or upset. The rest of us have to work at...
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doctor in office with patient - talking at desk - whole person assessments
For many people to experience lasting recovery and renewed wellness, it’s not enough for an organization to simply address the symptoms of an apparent condition. When the professionals at Cottonwood Tucson talk about using whole-health principles, this approach is far...
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