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Equine Therapy and How It Helps Recovery

A frequent remedy for mental health issues is to be in a situation where you’re not being judged and you have the opportunity to express your true self. However, talk therapy may not initially be the best course of action...
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Getting Treatment for an Eating Disorder

Sometimes, we know the truth, even if it’s hard to face or we don’t know where to turn. With so much focus in society on weight gain, weight loss, and model-perfect images in social media and on magazine covers, it’s...
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Handling the Holidays While in Recovery

The festive holiday season is often filled with work parties, gatherings with family and friends, themed activities, and other events. We celebrate certain traditions, cook or bake specialty foods, and enjoy customs that only happen once a year. As happy...
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Benefits of Art Therapy

Our souls respond to art, even if we don’t believe we’re creative in any way. Because of this, art therapy is often a good holistic approach for maintaining sobriety. It allows you to experience emotion, relay perceptions, find peace, and...
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Yoga for Recovery: Interview with Emily Mattimoe

Emily Mattimoe, MS, CTRS, is the coordinator of recreation therapy services at Cottonwood Tucson. She explores how leisure and recreational activities can be coping mechanisms for sobriety and how these methods help add joy to the recovery process. Yoga is...
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Understanding Process Addictions

Understanding Process Addictions

As addiction science evolves, the medical community continues to find support for the claim that addiction is a chronic brain disease. In the past decade, numerous studies have reinforced direct causation of drugs and alcohol on the brain’s reward center,...
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Why Substance Abuse Affects Nutrition

The statistics regarding America’s lack of nutrition are rather astounding. Consider the following: Dietary guidelines for 2015-2020 released by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion indicate that 117 million Americans—approximately half of all adults in the nation—have at...
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The Epidemic of Painkiller Addiction

In 2015, Harvard Medical School reported that “four times as many prescription painkillers are provided each year now compared with the 1990s.” In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) implemented a public health emergency, and developed...
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Laughter as Medicine: Learning to Meditate and Laugh Together

It sounds peculiar to laugh and meditate at the same time, especially when the general perception of meditation is to sit quietly and be still. But a few daily lighthearted chuckles and chuffs often stimulate changes in helpful “feel good”...
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