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pretty young woman in workout clothes smiling at the camera - brain health
As if you haven’t already heard all the reasons to exercise from your therapist or doctor, here we are, about to go into more of them! That said, hear us out, as there’s some rather fascinating science that supports using...
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man writing in journal - journaling
The freedom to express your thoughts and emotions doesn’t mean you have to do it out loud. There’s tremendous value to creating a journaling routine to explore different feelings and release what no longer serves you. And there’s a wonderful...
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digital illustration of family silhouetted with panes of bright pinks and oranges - family therapy
Family Therapy & Recovery For most of us, the concept of family is fluid. Few people have the typical close-knit unit as depicted in the media, while others might be estranged from their family because of destructive behaviors. So when...
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pretty brunette woman using laptop for online depression therapy
Depression & Its Impact According to the 2019 Arizona State Health Assessment, more than 20 percent of the state’s residents between the ages of 18–25 reported having a mental illness, but only about half of them received treatment. Of all...
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pretty Black woman looking directly at the camera - rehab
It’s hard to admit this out loud, but rarely do we master something new on the very first try. While this fact of life is totally acceptable when learning to ride a bike or baking sourdough bread, it’s rarely permitted...
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up close and cropped shot of a man's hand on an open book - mental health memoirs
Hope for a Better Future When we hear stories of triumph over adversity, they feed into our belief that we can triumph, too. Even if the circumstances aren’t exactly the same, we feel connected to others who understand what we’re...
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handsome man in glasses and a purple t-shirt hugging himself against a yellow background - self-love
As you see the whirlwind of cards, hearts, and candy all around you, it’s easy to think of Valentine’s Day as simply a commercial holiday that doesn’t have meaning. While the commercialization might be true, what about the focus on...
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woman taking groceries to senior man - both donning masks - volunteering
Here’s something interesting: research shows that toddlers will help someone in need simply out of an authentic concern for them. Naturally, this gives us all the immediate “feels” because of their wondrous innocence. What do you think life would be...
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man and woman walking their dog - Better recovery
If there was something free you could do to alleviate fatigue, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, and make you feel more in control of your wellness, would you do it? Yep, we’re going into the “exercise is good for you!”...
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