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woman drinking beer at restaurant
One reason why women are so susceptible to chronic illness and death due to alcohol abuse is due to how their bodies metabolize it. Research provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) suggests it’s because women...
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close up of beer pouring into mug
It’s easy to think we’ll simply bounce back after a lot of water and a good night’s sleep. But what’s the dividing line between having a little too much alcohol and actually binge drinking? The definition of binge drinking is...
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people at desk
Seeking treatment for substance abuse or behavioral disorders is a brave decision. Whether you or a loved one needs care, there are some ways to be certain you’re selecting the right facility. Integrated Approach Working with professionals who have a...
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rocks stacked on beach
One crucial component of recovering from addiction is to eliminate toxins from your body and enable its natural healing processes. It’s not always enough to simply stop abusing drugs or alcohol: the body has to be restored with proper hydration,...
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group talking outside of coffee shop
Choosing to share your journey of addiction and recovery is probably one of the most personal revelations you’ll have in life. It’s important to remember that you decide what to talk about, what details are important, and how much to...
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woman in field with horse
A frequent remedy for mental health issues is to be in a situation where you’re not being judged and you have the opportunity to express your true self. However, talk therapy may not initially be the best course of action...
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sad woman looking out window
Sometimes, we know the truth, even if it’s hard to face or we don’t know where to turn. With so much focus in society on weight gain, weight loss, and model-perfect images in social media and on magazine covers, it’s...
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holiday gift bags
The festive holiday season is often filled with work parties, gatherings with family and friends, themed activities, and other events. We celebrate certain traditions, cook or bake specialty foods, and enjoy customs that only happen once a year. As happy...
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colorful paints
Our souls respond to art, even if we don’t believe we’re creative in any way. Because of this, art therapy is often a good holistic approach for maintaining sobriety. It allows you to experience emotion, relay perceptions, find peace, and...
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