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cropped shot of young woman walking her dog outdoors - nature
There are few shortcuts to achieving better health, but one constant that repeatedly proves itself is how being in the natural world influences a more positive state of being. You don’t even need to be a grand adventurer to reap...
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cropped shot of person's feet walking outside barefoot - walking meditation - meditation styles
While there are numerous methods of meditation, sometimes it’s a challenge to know which meditation styles could be the best for you. Fortunately, it’s easy and free to try as many forms as you like until you find the right...
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young Black man doing yoga on mat - thoughts and emotions
Because of certain media depictions of yoga, many people think it’s a little too esoteric for them, or they’re not thin enough to practice, or it’s simply weird! But understanding yoga from a physiological perspective reveals benefits accessible to everyone....
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pretty young Black woman making notes in a notebook while holding her cell phone - residential
There are moments in life when you simply have to write out a pros and cons list when making a major decision. If you’re at a crossroads about how to improve wellness management but have never tried residential treatment for...
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plate that is also scales as place setting on an orange table - anorexia nervosa
Although anorexia nervosa—also referred to as anorexia—seems like a modern disorder, physicians published papers about a form of the disorder in the late 1800s. However, in all this time, the definition has changed considerably. A Brief History of Anorexia Some...
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attractive young man at office looking depressed - causes of depression
Everyone has periods of sadness or feeling blue. But not all people receive a diagnosis of depression. Understanding the causes of depression and the viable treatment options helps reduce the stigma of the disorder and enables individuals to live full,...
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worried looking woman at home with mask on - COVID and mental illness
The impact of coronavirus is more than just physical or economical. Mentally and emotionally, most people feel the strain of the pandemic in numerous ways. The question now is, how do we heal from it, and where do we turn...
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digital illustration of human brain with neurons and transmitters - antidepressant withdrawal
Many physicians prescribe antidepressants for individuals with mood disorders such as anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. In certain circumstances, medication is only necessary for a short time, while other diagnoses might require a change in the prescription dosage or a...
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military training - man saluting his superior - veterans
According to the National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH), approximately 30 percent of U.S. reserve and active military personnel—roughly 730,000 women and men—returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have mental health conditions requiring treatment, including PTSD and depression. However, less than...
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