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young family playing games at home - parents
Parenting Parenting is a subject often fraught with insecurities, doubts, guilt, and unsolicited advice. Most people wonder if they’re doing it “right”—even though each family dynamic is different. For example, here are some top articles on Parents.com: “Thoughts We’ve All...
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women lying on couch in therapy session with male therapist - EMDR
Recovering from trauma and substance abuse disorders often requires a person to see his or her life through a different lens—one that allows them to move forward without remaining in the grip of past experiences and behaviors. Eye Movement Desensitization...
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happy young hispanic couple talking at home - your relationships
When you go through trauma or addiction, different relationships in your life often experience changes. In some respects, this might be a good cleansing opportunity to release people who are negative influences and who don’t respect your healthy choices. Emotional...
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illustration - two heads with cages - one open and the other locked - somatic experiencing
The roots of trauma run deep. On the surface, you may think you’re handling everything just fine, but if there’s unresolved or unaddressed trauma, it’s crucial to recognize how it affects your entire being—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In addition,...
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handsome man in early thirties looking directly at camera - men
Collective Differences No matter how hard we try to make all aspects of life equal, there are clear differences between those who identify as male and those who identify as female–not just individual differences but collective ones, based on some...
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junk food on table - burger, fries, donuts, candy, etc. - food addiction
Food addiction is a genuine concern for many people, and like many process addictions, this compulsive condition is representative of more serious issues that need to be addressed. Highs and Cravings Individuals who struggle with food addiction often eat to...
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woman with notebook thinking about what to write - resolutions
Do resolutions work? The short answer is not usually. The long answer has more to do with understanding how we form habits and what motivates us to replace old habits with more progressive expressions of intent. The practice of setting...
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smiling woman writing notes or Christmas cards - holiday traditions
Breaking the Mold While advertising campaigns and the media often portray the holiday season in the same merry ways every year, sometimes people in recovery feel there are more complications than joys during this time. They might find it challenging...
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man sitting on the edge of his bed with hand in his hair looking stressed - anxiety and addiction
A Connection Many people who experience anxiety are also challenged by substance abuse. Additionally, researchers have reason to believe that anxiety—and other mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—contribute to the reasons why someone may...
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