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The Epidemic of Painkiller Addiction

In 2015, Harvard Medical School reported that “four times as many prescription painkillers are provided each year now compared with the 1990s.” In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) implemented a public health emergency, and developed...
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Laughter as Medicine: Learning to Meditate and Laugh Together

It sounds peculiar to laugh and meditate at the same time, especially when the general perception of meditation is to sit quietly and be still. But a few daily lighthearted chuckles and chuffs often stimulate changes in helpful “feel good”...
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Addiction Detox: Nothing to Fear

When you realize it’s time to get treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, there are many unknowns. One common fear people have is what happens during detoxification. There’s no question that substance abuse changes not only brain chemistry, but...
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Do 12-Step Programs Really Work?

As addiction science continues to advance, many people wonder about the effectiveness of 12-Step programs and how they impact an individual’s recovery from substance abuse or process disorders. The most famous 12-Step program is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), established in 1935,...
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Local media addresses the growing meth crisis

While much of the country has been focused on putting a stop to the opioid crisis, many people with addiction problems have turned to methamphetamine. Cottonwood’s clinical director Kathleen Parrish recently spoke with News4 about the dangers of the meth...
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Returning to Work After Rehab

There are many “firsts” to look forward to when you complete an inpatient or extensive outpatient rehabilitation program. For a lot of people, the opportunity to return to work is a big accomplishment. As you approach this sobriety milestone, it...
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Keeping a Meditation Journal

A meditation practice can help you manage a number of aspects in life. Whether you need a moment of calm in an otherwise busy day or have a deeper intention for cultivating stillness, meditating provides a safe space. When someone...
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How Yoga Helps Recovery

The most progressive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction addresses the whole person, not just the disease. Most effective continuance of care plans include holistic modalities that help the goal to improve an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. A regular yoga...
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Choosing to Share Your Addiction Story

One of the hardest aspects of pursuing life without addiction is determining how much to share with others. There are many situations when it’s evident you’re following a different path. It’s important to remember that ownership over your recovery story...
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